Letters to the Editor

Print factual letters only

I was profoundly dismayed to read the recent letter submitted by Esther Koch, president of the Clinton County Citizens for Life, concerning her assessment of slumping carbonated beverage and fast food sales. She blames it on an alleged population decline in the United States. It was equally dismaying that the BND even printed the letter. It is the job of journalists to print the truth, leaving falsehood, unsupported speculation, drama and fiction to the novelists.

Koch stated that “population decline” is “a euphemism for abortion,” while totally ignoring the existence and practice of pre-conception birth control. She further referenced statistics back to 1973. Just for the record, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the United States in 1970 was 203 million, compared to 320 million today. I regret that the writer has apparently lost her elementary school math skills.

If the writer was truly concerned with accuracy and totality, she might as well have included the handiwork of Freddy Kruger and Jason in her population-decline rant. Could it be that slumping beverage and fast food sales are the result of people eating and drinking healthier foods?

A newspaper is and should be a reader’s window to the accurate accounting of current events and human interests, rendered in a civilized and intelligent manner. Regardless of their source, opinions should be both vetted and accurate.

The reprinting of inaccuracy and highly prejudicial divisiveness has no place in a civilized society.

Richard Yesley

New Athens