Letters to the Editor

Upset Triad tax increase passed

I am disappointed in all the people who voted for, and all the people who did not vote against, the Triad tax increase. They told us if the school did not get more money, programs would have to be cut - all JV and middle school sports, art, music and band, reduction of bus routes, and large class sizes.

Keith Housewright mentioned that Traid has the highest graduation rate in the area, and that extracurricular programs make school more than state-mandated courses. However, only 65 percent of students meet/exceed state test standards, and 56 percent are college ready. Also, European schools exceed us on standardized tests and their schools don’t offer sports. I am for the elimination of all sports from the public school system. It is only there for a few students and it is a huge waste of tax dollars on facilities, uniforms, etc.

When the new school year starts, we will have to give even more to the school under the guise of fees. I believe that last year I paid $175 for two children. We, the taxpayer, are getting robbed by the unionized public employees.

Housewright states that a civilized society honors contracts, but I don’t recall society voting on high salaries and guaranteed pensions. In a few years the school will be back asking for more money, and at the same time people will be moving out of the area.

Everyone wants to give their children an education, but not like this.

Robert McAfee