Letters to the Editor

Illinois bill is a home run for ticket buyers

Cardinal baseball is back, but before fans begin trading tickets or gifting tickets they should take note of a development that threatens everyone’s access to tickets to live events.

Most of us assume that when we purchase a ticket to a sporting or any other live entertainment event, we own the ticket and if we want to give the ticket to a friend or neighbor or donate it to our children’s school fund-raising auction, we believe we have such right.

But Ticketmaster and other ticket monopolists now don’t want us to have those options – they want to control how our tickets are transferred so they can control the fees. Ticketmaster is supporting legislation in several states that would give the company more control of the ticket market. Here in Illinois, a bill was proposed last year that introduced price controls under the guise of “protecting consumers.” Fortunately, that bill died in committee.

This year, state Rep. Stephanie Kifowit of Aurora got it right and is sponsoring a bill, HB 3103, which would ensure fans buying tickets to concerts, shows and sporting events have the information they need to make informed buying decisions. Ticket sellers would have to disclose their identity, whether they physically have possession of the ticket, and where the broker is located. This bill deserves everyone’s support.

Ron O’Connor