Letters to the Editor

The phone keeps ringing

Apparently telemarketers are immune to the Do Not Call List as I have still been receiving their calls. I am receiving calls at all hours of the day and night. It doesn’t do any good to file a complaint with the FTC or Illinois Attorney General’s office. They say there is nothing they could do to stop this activity. Why is it, then, that Sprint was assessed a huge fine for what it did and these individuals get away with what they are doing?

I was told to check each time the phone rang to see if I knew the caller. What a great solution. I guess that privacy is a thing of the past and we need not worry about those who have no respect about other people’s lives being interrupted in a needless manner. Too bad they can’t find this group and bring them to court.

Does anybody have a solution to this problem?

Fred Oplt

Fairview Heights