Letters to the Editor

Why concrete makes sense

The writer of the “Road to nowhere” Sound-off deserves the real facts about concrete and asphalt, as provided by The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

The life span of concrete is 25 to 35 years as opposed to the 10-year life span of asphalt under the same road stress conditions. The maintenance for concrete is 50 percent less than asphalt when snow plows, salt trucks, heavy equipment and delivery trucks (UPS, FEDEX) and normal automobile traffic use the street. In fact, summer heat and normal vehicle traffic tend to cause quicker damage to asphalt because it gets soft and mushy when heated.

The final fact we provide is this. Alderman Roger Lowry, a very astute and above-board alderman, never cast an active vote for this project so as not to give the impression he was voting for projects on his street. He simply voted “present” at all meetings regarding this project.

Scott Greenwald

Alderman, Ward 3

Fairview Heights