Letters to the Editor

No outcry over Cruz

For quite some time there have been those among us (and they know who they are) who have contended that Barack Obama was not legally qualified to be president of the United States because he was not a native-born citizen. I thought OK, show me your proof. From my perspective all the promulgated evidence required a somewhat sketchy leap of logic and conspiracy-minded acceptance of convoluted circumstances.

That said, now we have Sen. Ted Cruz, who, by his own admission, was born of an American mother and a Cuban father in Calgary, Canada, claims he is in fact a native- born American because his mother was American. From the legal statutes offered by Cruz, I believe it is reasonable to conclude that he is an eligible native-born American citizen. And if this is true for Cruz, then it is most certainly true for Obama.

Not a peep has been heard from the so-called birthers. Zealots are so predictable.

Michael R. Sweeney