Letters to the Editor

Teaching through actions

I’m almost near 60, and I find myself visiting funeral homes more and more. As I was sitting at one recently I was reflecting of all the people coming and going. It was people from my grade school, high school and my old neighborhood. As I looked around the room I noticed that we’ve lost so many.

As my eyes wandered the room, I noticed one group that is always at these same funerals I’ve attended and it brought me some joy to realize that these were all my grade school teachers who attend not only the funerals of their former students but also the parents and school faculty. They have not only used their time to teach but to continue teaching by their presence at these funerals.

I am honored to say that I went to Central Grade School 104 in O’Fallon. These extraordinary people are Charles and Beverly May, Tony and Bev Musso, Ed and Gay Graves, Beverley Jones, and Bill Schwalb. I want to thank these people from the bottom of my heart and I will never forget them.

If an apple is what we’re to give teachers, then these teachers should all get the whole tree.

Denny Pyeatt