Letters to the Editor

Democratic irrationality

I have not written a letter to the paper in months because, to be quite frank, I was so disgusted with the way the Obama administration was bent on destroying America I felt that any letters I wrote would be misconstrued by the liberal haters who write on a regular basis. They always beat the same old drum – “Democrats good; Republicans bad” – while they vote for a person of President Obama’s ilk.

Obama’s screw-ups include when he and his minions tried to defeat Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his bid for re-election. There are people looking into the very distinct possibility that Obama used our tax dollars to try to unseat Netanyahu. If that turns out to be the case, Obama should be impeached as soon as possible. If he were any kind of a man he would resign of his own accord and save us the trouble, but of course that would take an honorable person and Obama sure isn’t honorable.

It is beyond my wildest dreams why any American who claims to be of the Jewish faith would ever vote for a liberal Democrat.

As far as that goes, how could any one claiming to believe in Jesus ever vote for the party that approves of abortion any time, any place, for any reason paid for with taxpayer’s dollars? This is about the most obscene thing the Democrats push for in my humble opinion.

Larry McClintick