Letters to the Editor

History or not?

Interesting how history is recorded. There was an event many years ago that I happened to be put on alert and ordered to be ready to deploy within 24 hours. I had a friend who received a medal for this event, as he happened to be in the immediate area when the event happened.

My unit was called to stand down in a few hours, as the situation was well in hand; a unit of the Marines had landed. We discussed this a couple of times, as later we tried to find this event in history. There was nothing on record of the event, time, location or result, only memories of my 24-hour alert and my friend’s medal. I sometimes wonder about recorded history. Things happen.

I won’t mention the time, location or actual event, as my friend and I are old and I’m sure the younger historians can remember such events much better than those who were involved. There may have been a reason for this lack of history, as at the time it was a more or less minor incident in a far away place, but was enough to warrant a medal.

Funny how they bring up certain incidents that make major headlines in today’s media and are fanned into an inferno. Then there are some stories that go unnoticed or at least not mentioned because they have no fright or riot appeal. Just an opinion.

Lew Hiatt