Letters to the Editor

Dangerous agenda

The primary objective of the progressive agenda is to eliminate the middle class and keep the poor on perpetual government handouts. They include:

The clueless: “I want my Obamaphone.” They are the ones running around shouting, “Hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe.” Include in this group the low information voters, and the infamous race hustlers.

The fools/tools: They are largely white and consider themselves super intelligent because they went to college. They are complete elitist idiots. They think the Democratic Party actually stands up for the poor, minorities and women. They are so high on the drug of progressivism that they don’t comprehend they are supporting racist eugenicists who want to murder babies in the wombs of the terminally stupid and don’t even realize that it includes them.

The nefarious: These are the most dangerous. They want to see to the complete downfall of America, its culture, its values, its history. They believe they have been anointed and will have a seat at the elite power table once the country is “transformed.” Included in this group: The national snooze media, Hollywood, big city concrete dwellers and most rental politicians who only fly over the real America.

Little do they realize that once the transformation is complete, when illegal immigrants (undocumented Democratic voters) have swollen the voter rolls and the religion of Islam is dominant, they will be executed, and not humanely either. Keep drinking that Brawndo, folks.

Roddy D. Riggs