Letters to the Editor

Can’t trust Rauner with Illinois

Regarding this newly minted, fork-tongued rogue Gov. Bruce Rauner, who is referenced in the BND’s reprint from the Chicago Tribune: He is duplicitous to the max.

While quoted as saying “government is not a welfare system,” he later throws out the bait, subversively saying, “Think about how much more help we can give to our developmentally disabled ... we can put into our schools, our help for low-income kids, early childhood education.” Those concerns are indeed truly institutions within the welfare system.

This is the same man who owned skilled nursing facilities that were moved to bankruptcy. Is that his idea of transforming Illinois?

So, what does his double-speak mean? It means Rauner is advancing the agenda of his friends in The Chicago Club, wanting so desperately to restructure government for their gain, wanting to end the protection of unions for working people, and to increase the favors and cash for his coterie of the already rich, leaving the rest of us poorer than ever.

He will never go bankrupt though he cares not if we do. Last November we were faced with the unfortunate choice between then Gov. Pat Quinn and Rauner, two bad actors. I went, reluctantly, with the other one, and I still think I made the better selection.

Richard Wagner