Letters to the Editor

Most litigious is dubious distinction

I am writing in response to your recent story that showed that Madison County is amoung the most litigious counties in Illinois (“New report singles out most litigious Illinois counties”) and the fact that the county “handles up to half of all asbestos related cases filed in the U.S.”

I also noticed a report by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, which found that 98 percent of all asbestos cases filed in Madison County are by plaintiffs who don’t even live here.

While I would love the metro-east to be known as No. 1 in a lot of areas, lawsuit abuse is not one of them.

The local courts we fund with our tax dollars are supposed to serve us rather than out-of-state plaintiffs and their lawyers attempting to cash in on our lawsuit-friendly courts.

I hope our legislators and governor take action to tighten up the rules on where lawsuits can be filed so that lawyers around the country can no longer use our courts as their cash cow.

Julia McFarland