Letters to the Editor

Winds of war stir again

Many pro-life Republican politicians are beating the drums for war with Iran. Oil prices are down, Halliburton had to lay off 5,000 employees. They need to replenish the pockets of war contractors and big oil, who are their campaign donors.

Republicans are brazenly trying to sabotage the nuclear talks with Iran. John Boehner invited Benjamin Netanyahu to sell his lies to Congress. His message was almost verbatim to his 2002 war-mongering appeal for the U.S. to attack Iraq. In 1992, Netanyahu told the U.S. that Iran was three to five years from acquiring a nuclear weapon. He has a long history of crying wolf about Iran and can’t be trusted.

Sen. Tom Cotton and 46 other Republicans have shown their contempt for the president and our Constitution with their letter to Iran. These Netanyahu puppets have been bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby. Their loyalty is not to the United States. They want to stampede America into another war for profit in the Middle East.

The Republican Party has a history of mistakes in dealing with the Islamic world: President Reagan’s funding of dictators like Saddam Hussein and psychos like Osama bin Laden; President Bush’s Iraq war; his appointment of Paul Bremmer and de-Baathification; his backing of Nouri Al Maliki, who systematically replaced trained Sunni troops with untrained Shia troops, who turned their backs and ran when ISIS showed up.

Bush’s entire Iraq scenario was a recipe for disaster and ISIS.

Gene Robke