Letters to the Editor

Use vote, religious freedom

This year, during the first seven days of April, we celebrated the Christian holiday of Easter and the right to vote and express our voice. Were you there?

On April 4-5 many families dressed up, some for the first time this year, and attended their local church. They were there; were you? There were egg hunts galore for the children to enjoy. Prayer and giving thanks to live in a country that gives us the freedom of religion without fear.

Our forefathers believed in the rising of the sun in the east and ever setting in the west. The moon in the night skies to give them the feeling they were not alone. Stars to guide by so they could find their way. The giant sequoia, the mighty oak, the beautiful orchid. The land was theirs to use but not own.

Our Constitution gives us the freedom of religion without fear. What my forefathers believed is not so different from any religion; we all believe that we as people could not have made the giant sequoia, the mighty oak or the beautiful orchid.

Our Constitution was made by man and our right to vote is our voice. Show up and be counted; it does matter.

My prayer is for all governments on this planet to make freedom of religion without fear their priority and stop this killing and let the people come back to their homes and live in peace.

James E. Saffel Sr.