Letters to the Editor

Speak up before Swansea leaf burning vote

The proposed ordinance to ban all burning of yard waste is scheduled to come before the Swansea trustees for a vote at 6 p.m. Monday. The meeting will be held at the Wolf Branch Middle School gymnasium.

It is extremely important that Swansea residents opposed to the ban on burning make themselves heard. This issue is not over.

It appears that some of the current trustees are on a mission to overgovern by passing a new ordinance instead of enforcing the current one. The problem is not the current burning ordinance or the special burn permits issued by the fire chief. The current ordinance only allows burning on 39 days a year (195 hours). The problem is the lack of police/fire department enforcement of the current ordinance.

If someone is burning illegally, he should be ticketed. If leaves are wet and/or it is too windy, the person burning should be issued a first offense warning ticket and then made to extinguish the fire. Once Swansea residents know that the current ordinance is being enforced, there should not be any future burning-related problems.

As a group, let’s persuade the trustees to table the vote. Three of the trustees who will be voting on the proposed ordinance are lame ducks. This will be the last meeting before the newly elected trustees are sworn into office on May 4.

Don’t let lame duck trustees vote their personal agendas. Plan to attend this meeting and make your voices heard.

Robert McPeak