Letters to the Editor

Calculating the tax increase

A letter to the editor writer challenged my statement that St. Clair Township Highway Commissioner Skip Kernan increased the unfair Permanent Road Tax by 13.5 percent. The writer calculated an 8.4 percent increase instead.

Whether Kernan increased an unfair tax by 8.4 percent or 13.5 percent, it is still no consolation to the people in Shiloh, Swansea and Fairview Heights who pay the tax but receive no road services from the tax.

The reason that the writer was unable to come up with the 13.5 percent tax increase using her tax bill is because the Permanent Road Tax is not listed as a separate line item on the tax bill. One has to go to the tax computation reports on the St. Clair County clerk’s website to get the numbers for the Permanent Road Tax. If people go there, they will be able to calculate the 13.5 percent increase from tax year 2012 to 2013.

Timothy L. Buchanan