Letters to the Editor

Wrong again

You would think that BND letter writer Joseph Reichert would give up writing after being wrong so much. There were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence; of those as many as five were tabbed as deists and as few as three. Benjamin Franklin has been labeled as a deist but in all likelihood was really an atheist.

Deism has little influence in the formation of our country and most sensible people know that.

The one thing that I would agree with Reichert on: It doesn’t matter what religion Obama is. However, that being said, it does matter if he protects and defends the U.S. Constitution. Obama does not. He is busy trying to destroy the Constitution and the USA. Thank you so much to Reichert for voting for this enemy of our country.

The forefathers prepared a Constitution for all time and all people (including Christians, mostly). It gives us freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. That's why Christians feel under attack by this present president.

H. Ray Sigler