Letters to the Editor

Follow Kansas’ lead

Hopefully, the governor of Illinois will follow the example of Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas. Brownback signed legislation limiting the merchandise that may be purchased using welfare benefits. This legislation seems directed at welfare deadbeats. Unfortunately, the majority of welfare deadbeats are unmarried women who hustle welfare benefits by having multiple illegitimate babies.

Welfare is seductive to many girls who have illegitimate babies to collect government benefits. Unmarried girls are not required to provide any evidence of their fitness or ability to properly care for infants to receive welfare benefits. Illinois state courts are nothing more than collection agencies that indiscriminately award child support without making any effort to protect illegitimate babies from abuse and neglect. Single parents regularly use child support money to buy and use illegal drugs; many have serious psychological and emotional issues and are known for violent behavior.

The vicious and brutal abuse many illegitimate babies suffer occurs as a result of single girls being overwhelmed from trying to care for multiple babies. The welfare industry is designed to encourage slow-witted, simple-minded single girls to have multiple illegitimate babies. Welfare benefits are increased with each additional illegitimate baby.

Why does the bankrupt state of Illinois squander millions annually by providing welfare benefits and subsidized housing for unmarried women to produce hordes of illegitimate babies?

William R. Lambert