Letters to the Editor

Morality lost

I’m not sure when the decline in American morality began. Was it in the Roaring ’20s with Prohibition, the bare-knuckle smokers, the introduction of rock ’n’ roll, the hippies, the removal of God and country from our schools, or something else?

The disregard for law and order came about slowly during all these periods. It seems that the younger generations want to shock the older generations with the most destructive thing they can come up with. Alcohol was an early choice, then on to marijuana, cocaine and to heroin.

The youthful fascination with death, homosexuality, guys wearing earrings, gals getting tattoos, and having children out of wedlock seem to be a great way to get the goat of the older generations. By the time the youthful generation grows up, the damage to their lives has already been done.

They say that it’s too bad that all of life’s problems don’t come when we are 18 and know everything, and I think that this is very true. If I hadn’t known everything in my early years, I would now be a retired veterinarian. I did all right, however, as a field engineer with skills that I learned in the military, but I was lucky.

Thank God that we have some youth who want to serve their country and society through military duty, first responder careers and volunteer work.

Jim Bonnevier