Letters to the Editor

Support Belleville Library, reading programs

I am writing to tell readers about an organization I have belonged to for the past 10 years, The Friends of the Belleville Public Library. Our main goal is to nourish the love of reading for children in the metro area.

Last year more than 1,300 children participated in the summer reading program. We have an annual trivia night at Althoff High School to fund this program every February. We also seek donations from local businesses to help support this program.

Studies have shown again and again that reading the written word is the best way for students to learn and retain knowledge. Even in our fast-paced, technology-obsessed society, reading a book is still one of the greatest pasttimes you can enjoy.

We have about 100 members in our organization from a population of more than 40,000. We have meetings in February, April, August and October the third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. at the main library, 121 E. Washington St. Please attend a meeting if you would like to help support your local library.

Peggy Malec

Membership vice president

Friends of the Belleville Public Library