Letters to the Editor

Cartoon is insulting attack on Obama

Glenn McCoy’s humor and irony have always been entertaining. Skewering politicians who demonstrate extreme hypocrisy is important in our free society. But McCoy’s cartoon mocking Michelle Obama (April 17) is not silly, ironic humor. It is a deeply personal attack on a very nice, gracious person and insulting in the extreme.

It is tragic that nothing has been done by the Nigerian government to assist the kidnapped persons. Implying that Obama is complicit, or should have done more herself, is the lowest of attacks.

I am very disappointed that the BND did not think about whether Obama deserved such an attack before publishing a cartoon that panders to the right-wing nuts who inhabit Southern Illinois. The BND and McCoy should be ashamed, even though the cartoon is pretty darn funny and well drawn. Tragedy fatigue does set in after a while.

David J. Busse