Letters to the Editor

Good editorial, bad news

Even though your editorials have no name attached to “Our View,” the editorial on “Making the most of faith” was excellent.

It is unfortunate that it did not include the first three verses of Chapter 11 of Hebrews. The first verse states it most succinctly: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

What are the things hoped for? Salvation in Jesus Christ. A good life as a believer in Jesus Christ. Life eternal after we shed the earthly body and our soul (spirit) lives together with Jesus/God. These are the essentials. The Holy Scripture fills in the cracks in our everyday walk with Jesus.

What is the evidence of things not seen? The world itself is the most prominent evidence of the existence of God. You don’t see sound waves traveling but we know they exist. You don’t see the wind but we know of its effects. You don’t see television pictures travel to your television. Feel God’s creativity in your body: you know it’s there.

A frivolous article appeared that day on page A10, “Debate rages on claim of Jesus’ bones.” It came from the anti-Christ paper called The New York Times. This type of Jesus libel began floating around in recent years. I believe it was a Dan Brown who wrote a whole book about this kind stupidity.

I was kind of puzzled why you would produce such a nice editorial statement and then denigrate it with the back-page article.

H. Ray Sigler