Letters to the Editor

Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and more

Since I was named in a recent letter from Frankie Seaberry, let me respond.

I actually partially agree with her that Iraq was not a critical war, but to call it a peaceful nation is an overstatement. If peaceful means political opponents being imprisoned, gassing your own population (the Kurds in northern Iraq) and waging internal violence against dissidents is peaceful, then we will have to disagree on that. Using her analogy, we have no business in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria or Libya where we are either operating now or providing support to these wars.

She still refers to “lies about weapons of mass destruction,” so I guess we have to believe former Secretary of State Colin Powell lied as he testified before Congress and the United Nations on the existence of WMDs. I’m sure she agrees that General Powell is a brilliant man and would throw the flag on any lies put before him.

On her third point, if then Sen. Barack Obama spoke against the Iraq war, according to Wikipedia, it was not in a very loud voice and he did not sponsor legislation to force a troop withdrawal. He sponsored some relatively non-controversial bills and was profiled as a “loyalist Democrat with some liberal leanings.” We now learn that often good intentions, such as closing down Guantanamo Bay or ending the Iraq war within a year of being elected, as he promised, is easier said than done.

Phil Henning