Letters to the Editor

Obama fails as a leader

There are jobs: Four-hour jobs are considered to provide a living wage. That is the brilliance that President Obama came up with. He says people are being employed. His figures do not give Harvard or Yale any credit for an education.

Who is stupid? We pay a president to do a job. His management is not working. Why prolong his failure any longer while he mocks at the law? Don’t allow for this confusion. He is not responsible and neither are his followers. He is headed for the exit gate. That is by his doing.

Right is right. Wrong is wrong. He is not law-abiding. He has to serve this country but fails doing so. He must enjoy dragging everybody down with him.

He only believes in using this country and all who follow him. He has nothing to offer; he is a disgrace in the Oval Office. Using the people is not a democracy. His beliefs are not responsible, they are a failure at work.

We, the people, expect something in return. It is our resources he is using, nothing he earned. He is paid to do the work of a president. His greatest failure: He is a traitor to our country. He will not be known as a hero.

Betty Storll