Letters to the Editor

Who’s in charge here?

This is a letter denouncing those traitorous Koch brothers for support of all of those nefarious America hating organizations, which include:

▪ The $33 million spent in Ferguson, Mo., to fund demonstrations (looting and rioting).

▪ The Open Society Foundation.

▪ Air America, Amnesty International, ACORN, NARAL, NOW and the ACLU.

▪ The Brookings Institute, which promotes a U.N.-dominated world government.

▪ Campaign for America’s Future, which supports tax hikes, socialized medicine and dramatic expansion of social welfare programs.

▪ J street: Anti Israel.

▪ Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund: Advocates open borders and free college tuition for illegal aliens and lower education standards to help them assimilate.

▪ Moveon.org, Common Cause, Center for American Progress, La Raza, plus more than 100 other secretive/subversive organizations.

A pox on those Koch brothers and their families for creating more than 60,000 jobs, then using their billions in wealth to finance these income-redistributing, one-world- order-loving, military-hating, God-hating, white-hating, welfare-sucking, anti-capitalism, I hate-America, overthrow-our-country groups.

Huh, come again? What’s that ,you say? That’s George Soros who is funding all of those dangerous groups. You’re sure? Well, OK, never mind then. Please disregard this letter.

Roddy D. Riggs