Letters to the Editor

Mixed-up priorities

Accountability of Catholic bishops moves as slowly as the wheels of justice in the Roman Catholic Church, but the Vatican has finally acted with Tuesday's announcement of the forced resignation of 62-year-old Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo. Three years ago the bishop pleaded guilty of failure to timely report a priest whose computer contained hundreds of lewd photos of young girls.

But we're amazed that he's still a bishop with standing in the church, allowed to publicly celebrate its sacraments. His assignment as head of a diocese has been abrogated, but he's certainly still a functioning bishop, unlike Father Bill Rowe of the Belleville Diocese, whose pastoral assignment was taken from him with the added stipulation that he cannot publicly celebrate any sacraments of the church.

But apparently Father Bill did the unconscionable; he changed some words while celebrating Mass. Meanwhile, the Belleville bishop tolerates another priest who has notably not shown up to celebrate an assigned Mass on a few occasions. Dereliction of duty?

As a Catholic, if you’re not appalled, you're not paying attention.

Les Himstedt

Fairview Heights