Letters to the Editor

This cut will cost Illinois

As part of the Illinois supportive living community, we strongly oppose Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed Medicaid budget cuts to supportive living communities throughout the state. While we understand cuts are necessary during a fiscal budget crisis, it doesn’t make sense to cut rates on a program that is actually saving the state money.

As it stands now, the average length of stay for a supportive living resident is 27 months, which works out to about a $60,000 per person savings compared to nursing home costs. Making these savings even more impressive is the fact that supportive living operators are paid at 52 percent of the nursing home rate. Cutting our rates even more will put us in a dire situation.

Our ‘SLF” program has established itself as the best affordable assisted living program in the country. If these cuts take place, not only will it undermine everything we’ve worked for, but potential residents may be turned away and many of our current residents will be shifted into nursing home facilities, which will add a further burden to the state’s fiscal woes.

Maintaining and strengthening the financial viability of the Illinois supportive living program is key to achieving savings while helping reform the Medicaid program in the state.

Bottom line: Cambridge House of O’Fallon Supportive living is a proven success and it’s imperative that Illinois protect what is working during this fiscal crisis.

Scott Douglas


Cambridge House