Letters to the Editor

Illinois must stop the spending

Gov. Bruce Rauner is doing what we elected him to do: try to stop the reckless spending.

The state and local politicians have put Illinois in a hole and he is trying to get us out of the mess they created. Belleville’s mayor was on the radio and on your front page protesting the spending cuts. Rather than protesting the cuts, he should be embracing the fact that someone is trying to rein in spending.

Local mayors should be working with Rauner, not against him. While the mayors were meeting they should have discussed why TIF money is also not good for taxpayers.

The Belleville wheel tax and the suggestion to raise the local sales tax are not the answer. The Belleville mayor told KMOX that he would have kept the higher Illinois state tax rate rather than letting it lower.

The answer is to stop spending. Cuts across the board are needed to get Illinois back on track.

It appears that local politicians have not heard the message from the voters. The politicians got us into this mess and we can only hope Rauner can hold his ground and protect us from local politicians and the reckless spenders in Springfield.

Michael Link