Letters to the Editor

Obama’s pulling U.S. down

The latest diatribe by BND letter writer Gene Robke is vintage liberal garbage.

He accuses Republican senators of not being loyal to the United States when they are trying to prevent President “Benedict Arnold” Obama from entering into a dangerous deal with one of our primary enemies, Iran. Then he goes on to accuse President Bush of being responsible for the buildup of ISIS in Iraq.

When George Bush left office, Iraq was a stable and democratic country, friendly to the U.S. It was Obama who pulled our troops out of Iraq, leaving a void for ISIS to move in to. It was also Obama who called ISIS in Iraq a “JV operation” and allowed them to become a major force in Syria.

Robke can make all the derogatory comments he wishes about President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policies, but the truth is they led to the breakup of the USSR, the end of the Cold War and made this country a lot safer. While Obama sits around contemplating his navel, President Putin of Russia is re-establishing the old USSR.

Our enemies are threatening us on every front and Obama does nothing. If I were Robke, I would not accuse anyone of having contempt for the Constitution considering the actions Obama has taken. I really believe Obama hates this country and is doing everything he can to have Americans governed by the United Nations. People who continue to support Obama’s policies are all partners in this complicity.

Leon Anderson