Letters to the Editor

Right hinge on creator

The Declaration of Independence recognizes that the creator has endowed every human being with absolute rights and that no civil or religious entity has the right to alienate the individual.

The public school system in the United States was originally established to teach children how to read the Bible so they could never be stripped of their God-given rights. For the past several generations, however, the department of “re-education” in Washington, D.C,. has forced the once independent schools to teach that life is just the result of millions of years of abhorrent chance mutations in a purely mechanical universe and there is no creator. The nice, sterile term for this is evolution, but if there is no creator, then there are no creator-given rights upon which our republic was founded.

Without God-given rights we are left with government-given rights, and what the government giveth the government can taketh away. If there is no creator, there is no right nor wrong and we, like animals, are reduced to survival of the fittest and if it feels good, do it.

Luke Morell