Letters to the Editor

We must clear up debts

I agree with Michael Link’s letter Sunday regarding excessive spending by elected governmental officials. I think there is a place for TIFs to compete with other states in job creation, but getting governmental waste under control is far and away the first priority.

This is not a talking point, it is reality. We and our children are going to pay for this problem, the worst of which are the outrageous Illinois public employee pensions. Our politicians say we can’t cut because it will hurt someone — it will hurt their pension. They would rather hurt us by, literally, taking our money out of our pocket to pay for their pensions and other waste. Politicians who don’t seriously address this problem must be replaced.

There is no magical solution. If we love our families, neighbors, friends, etc., we need to begin the painful process of clearing up our debts. We have ourselves to blame for this because we kept electing the most corrupt, incompetent group of politicians in any state in the country. We need to replace these corrupt, incompetent politicians.

We will be losers if we continue electing losers to run our government.

Prepare yourself to begin the painful process of fixing our bankruptcy and begin electing politicians who will put our hard-earned money to work fixing our indebtedness and reducing our taxes. After that, we will start worrying about those in the entitlement programs for those who won’t help themselves.

Joe Fairbanks

Fairview Heights