Letters to the Editor

Revisionist history

Reading BND letter writer Frankie Seaberry’s recent letter about President Obama requires a reply.

Will she please quit posting blatant lies about Obama? Go back to Senate records and news releases from Obama and Hillary Clinton. They both made rousing patriotic pro-war speeches on the Senate floor and cast multiple pro Arab war votes in the Senate. They did this because the polls showed it was very, very popular. Seaberry’s heroes sold out for votes.

Regarding her never-ending complaint that President Bush lied: Every major world intelligence agency said the same thing. Iraq had and used weapons of mass destruction. Iraq used them numerous times in the 12-year war with Iran. The gassed dead were documented with pictures from every world news agency.

Next Iraq used WMDs on the northern and southern Kurds during our war with them. They also used them on the other Muslim religious sect in Barsa. Even Sen. Dianne Finsteine, the ultra-liberal California senator who is head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, agreed.

We are plain tired of her comments and racist remarks against anyone who does not agree with her fabricated beliefs.

Bob Dagner