Letters to the Editor

Get the facts on Iraq

Letter writer Frankie Seaberry is afforded the same privilege as everyone else to express her opinion in this paper, a courtesy by the Belleville News-Democrat to their subscribers and the citizens of the metro-east. However, when Seaberry wrote, “I say we never should have had an entrance strategy, because Iraq was a peaceful country under the leadership of Saddam Hussein before too many Americans believed Bush and Cheney’s lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction,” she expressed a opinion on an issue she knows absolutely nothing about.

When Saddam Hussein was captured, he was tried and convicted on crimes against humanity. In 1983, after the Iraqi-based Kurdistan Democratic Party allied with Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam sought to punish the clan and its leader, Massoud Barzani. More than 5,000 males, some as young as 10, disappeared. Decades later the remains of 512 Barzani men were discovered in a mass grave. They were reinterred in 2005.

A letter that shows Saddam’s direct involvement in the crimes was discovered in Baghdad. In 1988, Saddam was responsible for a genocidal campaign against the Kurdish population. Human Rights Watch estimates between 50,000 and 100,000 died. Kurdish officials and some international human rights groups put the number killed as high as 182,000. This is only a part of his crimes and doesn’t include his son Uday’s raping and murdering of women.

As far as lies on WMDs, The New York Times (November 2014) reported there were indeed WMDs found.

Russell C. Fette