Letters to the Editor

Banish as the Romans did

It is my intention to begin proposing some radical ideas for your readers, possibly some with political positions to digest.

The Roman Empire for the most part did not practice the death penalty for its own citizens; it mostly practiced banishment. I herewith propose banishment in this form: We should start building prisons in what we would see as undesirable locations. Anyone with a sentence of 10 years or more would be released in that country after serving their sentence and would have to reapply for citizenship, and anyone convicted with what we would consider a capital crime would go to prison in a same country as mentioned previously.

Those convicted of capital crimes would have a limited time for appeal instead of the now indeterminate period of appeal (I would suggest six months). I think you would be surprised at how quickly crime would decline. After all, who wants to give up living in one of the best countries in the world?

Another thing: There should be mandatory (no exemptions for the rich or powerful) service to the country of up to one or two years: military service or a jobs corps of some sort (picking up trash, reconditioning national parks, helping on roadway projects, etc.).

H. Ray Sigler