Letters to the Editor

Not what founders intended

In the debate of ideas, the biggest problem that progressive liberalism faces, at the federal level, is that its programs are unconstitutional. Read the Constitution and read the arguments for it in the Federalist Papers. The only mention of progressive liberalism’s programs is for federalism to promote the general welfare, not provide. The social well-being of the nation was reserved for the states and the people. It is there where such taxation can be best monitored, closest to the people.

So, how did we get Social Security, welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.? Our elected officials, the courts and we, the people. However, that doesn’t make them constitutional.

Many progressive liberals proclaim that the Constitution, created in 1787, was created by men who couldn’t foresee the future and what exists today. Some say the Constitution is a living, breathing document. However, the Constitution is simply what it is; no subliminal messages.

The framers couldn’t predict the future, thus, they put a process within the document to amend the Constitution. They intentionally made the amending process difficult for they believed in the foundation they created. They didn’t want changes made on a whim or by a legislative majority at a certain moment in time, nor the judiciary to interpret what is or isn’t constitutional, but that’s what we see.

Until Americans becomes more knowledgeable as to what is federalism’s actual role, progressive liberals will continue to sell their big lie and America will pay for it, literally, in more ways than one.

Russell C. Fette