Letters to the Editor

Quality care practiced

Wake up, hospitals. I have been seeing a nurse practitioner for about the last 10 years. His name is Wally Glauber. Many different times he saved my life. He has been better than any doctor that I’ve ever been to in my 57 years. Through being electrocuted, a couple bouts with cancer and many other health issues, I’ve had this amazing man get me through it all. He is truly a Patch Adams in real life. His bedside manner is impeccable. I have talked with many other people that have worked with him, patients of his, and we all feel the same way: so grateful for him.

Mohammed Ali is the greatest pugilist there ever was. They say the greatest basketball player is Michael Jordan, but when you talk medicine one of the greatest is Glauber. I wish the hospitals would realize the huge asset that they have before them. Wally is not only a fabulous medical team member but also an extraordinary, caring individual. Thanks to him for all his help through these years.

Denny Pyeatt