Letters to the Editor

Elections, law and order

Congratulations to Joe Hazel, Scott Tyler and Roger Wigginton, three true American patriots elected to the City Council in Belleville. What an honor to salute them all.

Cahokia Mayor Gary Cornwell lost re-election. Of course we know why, but in 2016 Cornwell by popular demand will be a winner and will be able to do more for the concerned citizens of St. Clair County as well as the great Chief of Police James Jones. We salute them, they are our heroes.

In 2016 we hope for a great new president and much, much more. We demand to be able to live the American dream. The people, the true honest, dedicated American patriots demand the best. In God we trust, not the low-life punks, thieves, looters, crooks and fire bugs. We must have law and order. Let’s all pray for an end to violence everywhere.

I was born in East St. Louis at St. Mary’s Hospital, now vacant; what a pity. I would like to see it turned into a home for homeless veterans. This would be a great honor and a very good thing to do. What a great way to turn the city of East St. Louis around.

Tom Qualls Sr.

Washington Park