Letters to the Editor

Each to his own beliefs

Since the “Gay Gestapo” and their media supporters are so outraged by businesses that won’t cater their weddings and festivities (especially those evil bakeries, pizzerias, florists), I suggest they contact their local Muslim-run businesses for support. I won’t hold my breath. Muslims are off the list of PC targets by the liberal leftists.

The gay activists have worn out their welcome. I’ve had enough of their agonizing and whining. They can go do their thing but they should quit expecting everyone on the planet to embrace their lifestyle. The worst thing is that we are not only to embrace their lifestyle but agree with every part of it and teach it to our kids and grandkids.

You see, it’s not that they don’t have their freedom to pursue their lifestyle, it just eats them up that not everyone else condones it. Could it be guilt for which they want to punish others, Christians in particular?

Stand up to them and say, enough is enough. People may say I’m a bigot and they’re right. I am one obstinately devoted to his own belief.

Gay activists and their surrogates are not? Really!

Brent Rains