Letters to the Editor

Shame on township supervisor

Recently, a small strip of property adjacent to the Hollywood Heights Volunteer Fire Department required some dirt grading prior to seeding. The Caseyville Township Road District has for years taken care of this small strip of property, mowing and etc., which is always appreciated by a Volunteer Fire Department. But when employees of the Township Road District went over to the township office to borrow a tractor that had a blade, Township Supervisor Bruce Canty stopped them and refused to let them use it, saying the property is not township owned and that the Fire Department should take care of it. The Road District workers had to return to the shop and get another price of equipment to get the job done.

Good relationships with the residents of Caseyville Township seem to be the last thing on Canty’s agenda. Did he forget that recently it was requested that the Hollywood Heights Fire Department fire truck assist in the repair of the Caseyville Township office flagpole?

We were there when needed and promoted good community relations. It is a shame our township supervisor can’t do the same. It won’t be forgotten.

John Wilson