Letters to the Editor

IRS isn’t stopping fraud

Recently my family’s personal information was compromised. The culprit wasn’t a phishing scam like a Nigerian prince emailing me with the promise of lots of money. Our information fell into the hands of criminals via the IRS by filing a fraudulent tax return using one of our Social Security numbers.

Identity theft professionals told us the IRS is aware of this worsening issue, but have implemented few safeguards to mitigate the problem. The IRS admits there was a 66 percent increase in identity theft investigations between 2012 and 2013. Yet they’ve done nothing proactive to prevent these offenses.

The federal government has mandated businesses and organizations restrict the use of Social Security numbers as unique identifiers to protect our personal information. Conveniently the IRS exempts itself from these regulations by requiring the use of Social Security numbers when filing tax returns.

As a result, fraudulent tax forms and compromised personal information continue at the hands of our government.

The ncompetence of the IRS continues to negatively impact lives. They’ve been flippant with our personal information; targeted individuals based on their beliefs, and now are empowered by the president to enforce his health care plan where they’ll collect more than 21 different taxes in excess of $500 billion.

As my husband and I file mountains of paperwork to ensure the identity theft stops with this, we’ll be watching our elected officials to see if they file their own paperwork with a bill that reforms our broken tax code and IRS.

Mary Gray