Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 5/4/2015

Democrats in control

I was a Republican election judge in Belleville for 19 years. This past election I received a letter stating there wasn’t enough money to pay the judges so they were cutting back and didn’t need me. But I found out at the polling place where I always worked that they had three Democratic judges and one Republican judge. Another precinct at the same polling place also had three Democrats and one Republican. What is this all about in St. Clair County? Democrats controlling elections like everything else.

Party comes first

With regard to your editorial in Tuesday’s paper about the U.S. attorney not doing anything since the Michael Cook deal: Did you really expect it? The U.S. attorney is a Democrat, appointed by a Democratic president at the request of the Democratic senator. He’s serving here in Democratic St. Clair County, and all of his buddies are in the courthouse. Don’t hold your breath.

Mixed signals

I watched on the television as the protesters tore up Baltimore because they are against the police. But when someone was beaten and robbed on MetroLink recently, all you heard was, “Where were the police?” Do people want the cops to protect them, or do they want the cops to stick their heads in the sand? No wonder cops are dropping out of police forces. The job is not worth losing their life.

The Democratic way

Side-by-side articles in the April 26 BND highlight the behavior of two powerful, lifetime humble public servants, both Democrats. Belleville state Sen. James Clayborne requires limo rides to do his job. What with his horrible taxpayer-provided job benefits, minimum-wage salary and terrible job security, I guess we can understand. The other, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, the most powerful public servant in the state, has gone missing on votes and seems to care little about humbly serving the public anymore. When a public servant has “lieutenants” to protect him, whom is he serving? Oh yeah, this is Illinois. We all know.

Diligent dog walkers

O'Fallon dog walkers are mostly responsible picking up after their dogs. The city park doesn't allow dogs, but the sidewalk around the park is a public walkway. If a recent Sound-off caller would more carefully observe, most dog walkers carry plastic baggies for pickup and don't need to carry a large, bulky pickup scooper. Quite a number of the dogs have done their business earlier at home. What does happen within residential areas is some dogs are let out the front door to do their business on the sidewalk while the owner is inside, not outside with the dog.

Still laughing at toon

I read Thursday’s BND and I love Glenn McCoy’s cartoon. I wonder how many people he is going to anger with that one? I think it’s funny, just as funny as when people broke into the Payless Shoe store and stole all the shoes except for the work boots.

Wood pile is fine

Enough is enough. Why have issues like wood pile positioning become a problem for Fairview Heights? Don’t we have bigger issues than that? We are neighbors of Alderman Scott Greenwald and have no issues with his wood pile. It is very neatly stacked and is in no way an eyesore to our neighborhood. His yard and house are immaculate. I wonder who these complaining neighbors are? Alderwoman Pat Baeske complained, but she does not live on our street.

Source of violence

I previously wrote about kids playing those violent video games and watching the heinous movies. Nothing was done then; let's hope it's not too late to stop them. Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore are examples of the violence they have caused..

Cahokia’s race track

Where are the police in Cahokia? Certainly not on Carol Street between Camp Jackson Road. and Mousette Lane. The posted speed limit is 35 mph but watching motorists, It is mo\ire like they are training for the Indy 500.

Low expectations

Congratulations, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, for setting the bar so low and planning a replacement hospital with just 144 beds. A few years ago St. E’s bed census was 500-plus patients. The hospital is going to need a lot of luck; I hope it gets it.

Hospital fairness

In regard to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital moving to O’Fallon: I’m really glad. Belleville has another enormous hospital; O’Fallon has none. Everyone in Belleville should stop whining and wish St. Elizabeth’s well; I do.

Second security idea

Regarding Steven Tempia’s letter to the BND April 26: I agree 100 percent with his ideas, and yes, the IRS needs to stop dragging its heels and make Social Security numbers more secure.

Bad place for party

I was shocked to see an alcohol festival on Althoff’s parking lot recently. That looked like something more fit for the town square. That’s a high school where we try so hard to fight teen drinking and driving and then we see all the different alcohol advertisements up there. I think it could have been held somewhere else.

Lesson on salaries

It’s not the teachers who need their pay cut. It’s the administrators, far too many secretaries and too many coaches, in Granite City in particular. Good educators are just that, good educators.

It’s an opinions page

Two or three people have called in condemning the BND and asking where are the facts to back up letters and Sound-offs. Do they see the heading on the page? It reads “Opinions.” Comments cannot be proven or disproven; they are just opinions.

Pitch, don’t hit

St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Adam Wainwright’s recent injury while batting is just the latest example of why the National League needs to adopt the designated hitter rule. A MLB pitcher batting is much like an NFL quarterback as the lead blocker on an end sweep. These situations will almost always end badly with a capital “I”: ineffective or injury.

Show us the money

Now that Fairview Heights has a new mayor and many new aldermen, isn’t it about time they start publishing where the city’s income comes from and where the money goes? There was a lot of waste during the past administration. One of the first things the new mayor should do is to put the information online. Provide a detailed breakdown and increase the transparency for the residents of Fairview Heights.

A MetroLink positive

One thing people may not notice is how clean MetroLink trains are. Trains in other cities often are covered with graffiti. Our trains are usually spotless and I appreciate that. Let’s learn to use it to our best interest.

Suddenly vacant

I find it amusing and ironic that a lot of people in Cahokia who had signs in their front yard for Curtis McCall for mayor no longer live in those homes. Driving down Illinois 157 in Cahokia, I can count eight dozen homes that had McCall signs, and now those people have moved. Seems a little strange to me, but I guess not for St. Clair County.

Mother of the year

The mother who pushed her son who was involved in the Baltimore riot all the way down the street should be given a medal. What she did is more than any law enforcement officer could ever do. I hope she is the inspiration for the mothers of the other children who were involved. We need more mothers like her.

For Belleville’s good

I read the letter from Dennis Kaufmann telling Belleville Alderman Joe Hayden that he needs to go elsewhere. I voted for Hayden for mayor and I also voted for him for alderman. I would dare say he would have won the mayor’s race if Mayor Mark Eckert had not convinced a third person to also run. Eckert knew that if he split the opposition vote, he would win re-election. I’m definitely for Hayden and he needs to stay in town. We need to elect more politicians like Joe Hayden.

Kindred spirits

For those complaining about noisy mufflers on motorcycles and the police giving them a pass: There is a simple explanation. Both groups share a kinship of needing to enhance their manhood. One is by the sound of their pipes and the other is by the size of their pistol on their hip. How sad is it in 2015 these people are so insecure with just being themselves.

Drug test reminder

Thank you for the editorial Tuesday on the former St. Clair County Judge Michael Cook drug debacle. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t forgotten that the cowardly St. Clair County judges won’t agree to take voluntary drug tests. I haven’t forgotten this and I hope the voters of St. Clair County don’t forget this when it’s time to elect or retain these judges. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Clearly Cook’s slap-on-the-wrist sentence was because he told somebody, “I’ll tell about what the other judges are doing.”

Pothole hotline?

I would like to compliment the St. Clair County Highway Department. I went by their office and talked to an engineer about potholes and problems on Frank Scott Parkway and at the intersection of Illinois 161 and Frank Scott. Two weeks after my visit, both the problems were taken care of. I would like to suggest a pothole hotline to the newspaper or the St. Clair County Highway Department.

Map out route

With Interstates 55-70 shut down from the Illinois side coming from the south, I would like somebody to please give those of us who live south of downtown some idea of how we are supposed to get on the new Stan Musial Bridge. It seems impossible unless we drive through East St. Louis or the stockyards. Or do we have to go down Interstate 255 to Interstate 64 to get on the bridge? Who was the genius who designed the bridge with no access from the south? And of course Missouri could not care less about Illinois commuters.

The mayor’s job

It’s apparent whose side Cahokia trustee Phyllis Pearson is on, she must be a member of mayor-elect Curtis McCall’s team. Mayor Gary Cornwell has a duty to perform to help keep the village running properly and have all the other opportunities of any other community, just like I’m sure her candidate would have. Let’s hope McCall is living in Cahokia because I’ve never seen him at his house on Jerome Lane.

Peek at power costs

The latest ruse being perpetrated on the citizens of this area is Ameren’s electricity increase to address summer capacity needs. Ameren said it’s not their fault, it’s the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, or MISO, who is responsible for the power auction. MISO says it’s not us, it’s our suppliers who conveniently they say they can’t identify. First, there is a need for higher summer capacity caused by air conditioning and this need is addressed by what are called peaker power plants. These plants run on natural gas, are spread throughout our area and they are expensive to run. But they have been used sparingly since they were built. Now you know where the high cost comes from. But who are the owners that MISO can’t identify? You guessed it, Ameren. I smell something rotten here.