Letters to the Editor

Wrong to mock Bruce Jenner

I would like to respond to Glenn McCoy’s cartoon in the BND Friday in which he disgustingly mocked Bruce Jenner’s transgenderism.

I have gotten used to McCoy’s casual racism and misogyny. But this cartoon is a new low even for him. In it he drew a doctor coming into a maternity waiting room and telling the expectant father, “Congratulations! It has all the physical characteristics of a boy!” while the father was reading a magazine with Bruce Jenner’s picture on the cover, implying that there is something funny about being a transgendered person.

Well, there is nothing funny about what transgendered people go through every day in this country. It’s no surprise that hundreds, maybe thousands, of these transgendered individuals end their lives every year because they live in a society that doesn’t accept them as their true selves. Thankfully, that may be slowly changing.

What Jenner bravely did by going public was to put a face to an issue that has been swept under the rug for many years. He may have saved many lives by doing so. But McCoy’s only thought was that it was something to be mocked.

Stanley J. Schulte Jr.