Letters to the Editor

No defense for Bush

It amazes me that anyone in their right mind still defends the Bush administration’s ill-advised Iraq war, a war built on and sold by lies.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, we were told Iraq had WMDs, was involved in 9/11, had ties to al-Qaida and was trying to buy uranium to build a nuclear weapon. We were told the war would be quick and decisive and that we would be treated as liberators.

We did find WMDs. According to The New York Times story referenced by another letter writer, we found nearly 5,000 warheads. But they were not from a current, active program. They were remnants from long-abandoned weapons,, from programs that were developed with assistance from the West. Hardly the WMD program we were lied about.

Nobody is going to dispute that Saddam Hussein was an evil, brutal dictator. But if that’s justification for invading a country, we have a lot more countries to invade.

Removing Hussein was a colossal mistake. It has directly led to the chaos and unstable situation in the Middle East. It had a huge impact on the rise of ISIS or ISIL. It also had an impact on the rise of Iran’s nuclear program.

I could go on about the mistakes Bush made in Iraq. But we know about them. The proof is in the reality of what is happening their right now. It’s time to accept and own up to them.

The only winners in this war were the military contractors who have profited greatly from it.

Kris Rhines