Letters to the Editor

Obama adds to burden

I have been listening to all the leftists chastising the people who are irate about President Obama’s move to make 20 million illegals (per the federal laws on the books) legal so they can collect on the American people’s bank accounts (money they paid the government out of their paychecks every week).

Let’s see, Social Security is broke, Medicare is broke, the post office is broke, and taxation is totally out of control.

Hillary Clinton said there are people who want to send people back to their countries when all they want is to provide for their children.

Well, let’s see, 92 million people are on food stamps, unemployment is 18 percent (oh yeah, people who fall off unemployment don’t count), the price of groceries are out of sight and climbing, gasoline is the highest it’s ever been in our history. This a country of “we, the people” and they are bankrupting America and don’t care but hide behind humanism.

Politicians are civil servants and supposed to protect our house America, instead they are stealing us blind protecting their money. Last, if they had a hired guard watching their house and the guard was letting people come in to eat, would they call the police on the guard and have him arrested? You bet they would.

Steve Kassa Jr.