Letters to the Editor

Obama opposite of haters

Letter writer Leon Anderson said writer Gene Robke’s diatribe was vintage liberal garbage. I’d say the real garbage is Anderson’s misguided beliefs.

▪ If Anderson disagrees with Robke’s statement about Republican senators being disloyal to the U.S. for trying to prevent President Obama from entering into a deal with Iran, then I ask what is Anderson’s and the senators’ alternative, other than sending American youths to another war? If it’s war, will the senators and Anderson be the first to volunteer their children and grandchildren for war?

▪ Anderson said President Bush left a stable, Democratic Iraq that was friendly with the U.S., and that by Obama pulling out the troops, ISIS took over. Doesn’t Anderson know Bush didn’t leave friendly Iraqis. He left a bitter people, a war-torn country, and nothing to show for the invasion, which was all about oil. Bush also supported a Shiite government that disenfranchised the ruling Sunnis, and the repercussion was the Sunnis forming ISIS.

▪ Anderson said our enemies are threatening us on every front. I’d agree if they were here, rather than us being over there.

▪ Anderson believes Obama hates the U.S. No, Anderson, the real haters are those who disrespect the dignity of all mankind; whose greed is boundless, whose false sense of superiority conjures the belief that they, and all those who look like them, must reign supreme over all living beings. In every way, Obama is the opposite of these loathsome haters.

Frankie Seaberry