Letters to the Editor

If the description fits ...

Of thugs and thuggery, words have meaning outside the confines of a particular group.

Among other definitions, Merriam-Webster describes thug as a “brutal ruffian, gangster, tough.” Identified as coming from Hindi and Urdu words meaning “thief,” the word has seen usage since the early 19th century.

Now comes a sensitive minority wanting to restrict the reference to the “N” word. In general, the meaning is applied to a person doing damage and outlaw violence, regardless of ethnic origin. Thug is a universal term for a violently acting person who shows no regard for life, limb or property. Such a person is indeed a thief, robbing us of peaceful progress and protest. It covers any who behave in this way.

Aside from the media’s enchantment with political correctness, and outside the confines of a single ethnic group, “thug” has a broader meaning and I will continue to use it in that context.

Richard Wagner