Letters to the Editor

Election judges explained

The lead Sound-off Monday had an anonymous caller report that he was a Republican election judge and had received a letter from my office this past election that his services would not be needed at the April 7 Consolidated Election due to lack of election funding.

But when he went to the polls on Election Day, he observed three Democratic election judges and one Republican election judge working. In addition, he also observed at the same polling location, which had a second precinct voting there, three Democratic election judges and one Republican election judge working at that one also.

The facts are that of all the 35 Belleville precincts, 34 had three election judges and one had five election judges (due to its large number of voters). No precincts had more than two Democratic election judges; however, the one precinct with five election judges had two Democrats and three Republicans. State law dictates which party has the majority of election judges in a precinct.

Due to the expected low voter turnout (more than 20 precincts in St. Clair County had four to 35 voters on Election Day), we did use fewer election judges this election, about 300 countywide, and it saved the taxpayers about $60,000.

Thomas Holbrook

St. Clair County clerk