Letters to the Editor

Advice to Sharpton

I wish Al Sharpton would use his energy for positive results. Why doesn’t he speak to the Senate and Congress to bring jobs back from overseas and put them in urban/impoverished areas? Why doesn’t he work to make Detroit as great as it used to be?

Why doesn’t he demand better training programs for people of all ages to learn skills? It could be computer, plumbing, anything. How about pushing for parenting/life skills so women can learn to be independent and not need some deadbeat man?

Here’s a thought: All lives matter. Why doesn’t he work to build programs that teach people they don’t need to kill/rob/beat people? How about life lessons that teach people to take responsibility for their actions?

If Sharpton really is a reverend, if he really wants peace, if he really wants to end racism, he need to preach unity, not division.

Bob Anderson