Letters to the Editor

About the lies crusade

So many liars according to BND letter writer Gene Robke, but Diogenes he’s not. Just more moth-bitten excuses to cover for this administration’s shortcomings.

Still no scandalous headlines on his old “Fox News lies” crusade. And because the administration’s kumbaya foreign policy appears flailing, because Middle East turbulence is arguably more widespread now than under former President Bush, it must be that Israel and Republicans past and present are liars also.

In hindsight President Bush was in error on Iraq. Afghanistan would have sufficed our mission. Iraq, though far from perfect, was at least manageable with the combat surge. But President Obama withdrew the troops. Fine, a campaign promise fulfilled. Then he touted the Arab Spring with yellow brick road naiveté. And just as the critics vilified Bush on Iraq, this president had no plan either. Libya, Syria and Yemen exploded in his face like a loaded cigar. But of course Robke blames Bush, regardless that the marginalized “JV team” flourished so widely and rapidly only on the Obama watch.

Certainly Obama knew what he was getting into when elected, and unquestionably his administration has fumbled Middle East policy just as any predecessor. Unfortunately for his desperate paladins choking on Middle East reports, and who only belatedly discovered that rosy idealism is no antidote for tyrants and terrorism, Robke’s new and improved “recipe for disaster” is here, and now.

Mars Eghigian