Letters to the Editor

Products of cultural rot

A few observations on Baltimore and its uncivil unrest.

▪  60 percent of young people do not graduate from high school.

▪  25 percent live under the poverty line.

▪  The illegitimacy rate is more than 60 percent.

▪  70 percent of the young people have no father in the home.

▪  Baltimore public school system is the second highest funded per student in the nation.

▪  Attendance rate at public schools is no more than 50 percent.

▪  Baltimore has been under Democratic Party control since 1967.

▪  The majority of police in Baltimore are black.

▪  The majority of Baltimore city officials including the mayor are black.

▪  $22 trillion has been spent on social welfare programs in this country since 1964.

▪  The rioters (not protesters) were allowed to burn and loot businesses, attack the police and other citizens as a way of letting them get it out of their system. After all, they said what they destroy is “only property.”

How many “dialogues on race” will cure a cultural rot produced by Democratic Party policy and supported blindly by most of its inhabitants? The ignorant mobs are what you get when you secure a population by giving it freebies, inducing moral decline and maintaining a victim mentality. All for votes and power.

Brent Rains